Non-invasive ventilator

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Trust Points

1. Friendly interface: 15” TFT touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarming information and oscillograms, make every operation more easily.
14 types of sound and visual alarming information, easier for users to do some troubleshooting.
5 oscillograms for your choice, 3 of them can be displayed on the screen at the same time

2. Hanger: Adjust the angle and position from three points, simple and flexible

3. Oxygen sensor: Built-in oxygen concentration sensor, ensure stable precision of oxygen concentration

4. Breathing circuit: High temperature resistance breathing piplines is reusable and anti-polution

5. Caster: Easy to move with 4 casters,easy to stop with 2 brakes

6. ETCO2 sensor: ETCO2 module is standard configuration for this machine

7. Nebulization function : Make medicine into small liquid and particle, easier and quicker for patient to breathe in

8. Humidier: Heat and wet breathing gas, makes it more comfortable for patient to breathe in.
3 types of humidifier for your choices: one with thermometer for standard, one with digital shown for option, another one has have dual pipeline heating function and servo control function for option

9. Air compressor: Automatic detection and switch of central gas, cylinder gas supply or air compressor.

Make low noise, create quiet environment for doctors and patients.
Longer service life and waterproof material.
Digital show for parameters, easier and clearer for users know real-time condition



I Multiple ventilation modes, suitable for ICU, emergency department and operation room etc: (PRVC, APRV, DUOLEVEL, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, IPPV, A/C, PCV, PSV, SPONT/CPAP, SIGH, MANUAL).
I Pressure and flow dual triggering mechanism make patient breathe better and more comfortable.
I Rapid oxygen supply, automatically offer high flow rate oxygen within two minutes.
I Pressure-Time, Flow-Time, Volume-Time, ETCO2-Timeoscillogram, real-time display the condition of patient in all respects.

I Separate design of electronic circuit and gas flow rate keep safe running of ventilator.
I Compact long life internal battery can provide emergency power, avoid risk of patient.
I 3 level alarming system display overall condition of machine, easier for users to find and solve problems according to indication.
I Oscillogram freezing and recovery offer doctors a better understanding of the real-time situation for patient.
I Self-check before operation, ensure every port of machine is in good condition