Blossom Chloroprene Green Gloves

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Blossom Chloroprene green gloves provide the strength, stretch, and comfort of latex, but are not made of latex.

Blossom Chloroprene gloves are powder-free and have a puncture and chemical resistance that is equal to that of a latex glove. These gloves have textured fingertips, which provide a strong grip.

Price listed is per box of 100 pieces.

Blossom Chloroprene Glove Solution Type

  • Material: Chloroprene
  • Powder: None
  • Fitting: Ambidextrous
  • Glove surface: Enhanced fingertip texture for superior handling and
    increased control
  • Glove interior: Smooth interior finish for easy donning and comfortable wear
  • Color: Green
  • Usage: Non-sterile, single use
  • Is the glove made of latex? No

Chloroprene Exam Glove Product Specifications

  • Tensile Strength Before Aging: 14 Mpa (minimum)
  • Tensile Strength After Aging: 14 Mpa (minimum)
  • Thickness at Palm: 0.07mm ± 0.02 mm (minimum)
  • Thickness at Finger: 0.09mm ± 0.02 mm (minimum)
  • Thickness at Cuff: 0.06mm ± 0.01 mm (minimum)
  • Glove Length: 240 mm or 9.5″ from top of middle finger to the edge of cuff (minimum)
  • Palm Width: X-Small 76 mm ±4
  • Palm Width: Small 86 mm ±4
  • Palm Width: Medium 95 mm ±4
  • Palm Width: Large 106 mm ±4
  • Palm Width: X-Large 115 mm ±4
Blossom Chloroprene Glove Manufacturer Part Number
  • XS BM 97325-CHL-LG-PF
  • S BM 97326-CHL-LG-PF
  • M BM 97327-CHL-LG-PF
  • L BM 97329-CHL-LG-PF